The conference

This conference about the future for sustainable built environments and energy systems integrating a maximum amount of renewable energies provides front-edge technologies and solutions for buildings, communities and energy supply. In addition to the presentation of new results and technologies this is an opportunity for personal exchange with participants from politics, research institutions and industry. The conference therefore creates the chance for an open interdisciplinary discussion on how to address the upcoming challenges of energy transition.

The presenters represent a broad portfolio of competences in integrated energy solutions and give inside information on the state of discussion in the field of buildings, communities and energy supply systems. The conference is the final event of the Annex 49 “Low Exergy Systems for High-Performance Building and Communities” which is part of the Energy Conservation in Buildings and Communities Programme of the International Energy Agency, carried out in close cooperation with the European COSTeXergy project.

During the conference a new approach for the active participation of Master and PhD students is seized to interlink the research and engineering approaches with education and innovative student ideas.

Photos of the Conference:
19th October 2010   |   20th October 2010    |   21st October 2010

Summary of the Conference:
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Conference Chair: Dr. Dietrich Schmidt, Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics - Department Energy Systems, Operating Agent ECBCS (Energy Conservation in Buildings and Community Systems Programme) Annex 49.