ECBCS Annex 49
Low Exergy Systems for High-Performance
Buildings and Communities

the annex 49 projectobjectivesstructure • outcome • dissemination


The tools, guidelines, recommendations, best-practice examples, pre-normative proposals and background material developed within the framework of Annex 49 will be oriented and made available to designers, planners and decision makers in the fields of building, energy production and politics. Using results from different research projects of the participant countries, a wide range of cases will be studied. At the building level, both residential and commercial buildings will be taken into consideration.

At the community and supply level, the widest spectrum of possibilities will be assessed. In addition, several climatic conditions will be taken into account. One example of innovative community supply structure integrated with suitable advanced building design that constitutes an excellent example of the LowEx principle in practice is the Minewater project, which is described in detail in this newsletter.