ECBCS Annex 49
Low Exergy Systems for High-Performance
Buildings and Communities

the annex 49 projectobjectives • structure • outcomedissemination


To accomplish these objectives, participants will carry out research and work on developments within the general framework of the following four subtasks.

Subtask A: Exergy Analysis Methodologies
Co-ordinator: Finland, represented by Mia Ala-Juusela, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland.
The objective of this subtask is the development, assessment and analysis methodologies, including the development of tools for design and performance analysis of the regarded systems.

Subtask B: Exergy Efficient Community Supply Systems
Co-ordinator: Canada, represented by Ken Church, Sustainable Buildings and Communities Natural Resources, Canada.
The main aim of this subtask is to develop exergy distribution, generation and storage system concepts that meet all exergy demands of community members with a minimum input of primary energy.

Subtask C: Exergy Efficient Building Technologies
Co-ordinator: Sweden, represented by Gudni Jóhannesson, Royal Institute of Technology.
This subtask is focused on the reduction of the energy demand for heating, cooling and ventilation of buildings. It includes the development of best-practice guidelines for implementing innovative building technology solutions, and for establishing a holistic system approach to the exergy assessment of buildings.

Subtask D: Knowledge Transfer and Dissemination
Co-ordinator: Germany, represented by Dietrich Schmidt, Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics.
This subtask concentrates on the collection and spreading of information on ongoing and finished work, including the set-up of information platforms and the organisation of seminars and workshops.